A night at Boggo Road Gaol with the Haunting Australia – Paranormal Investigation Team

Left to right- Gaurav Tiwari, Allen Tiller, me, Rayleen Kable, Robb Demarest

I will never forget the night at Boggo Road Gaol.

It was January 2015.

A friend had posted on Facebook that she was registering for the ghost tour of Boggo Road Gaol at Dutton Park with the Haunting Australia Paranormal Investigation team.

One of my goals that year was to feel the FEAR and do it anyway, to get outside my comfort zone and so I said YES to this and registered immediately.

On the afternoon of the night tour, my friend couldn’t make the event after all due to motherhood 😱😱 😰 so I had a few hours to back out haha 😂. But I decided to just do it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Boggo Road Gaol is known as one of Queensland’s most haunted sites. It was an old hanging spot back in the day, it was only open to journalists to allow them to write their descriptive hanging stories for newspapers. Brisbane’s OG public hanging spot was in the city, where you will now find Queen Street Post Office.

So there I was in front of Boggo Road Gaol with a bunch of strangers waiting for the unknown… I was a huge fan of the Haunting Australia TV show & team so was also excited to meet them & learn anything I could.

From what I remember I entered the main cell block and the investigators had set up their electronic devices… I think it was an EMF Meter to pick up change in energy fields or movements. An EVP Detector which is some kind of electronic voice listener that picks up voices. I didn’t see any form of manipulation with the equipment, the investigators were just as surprised as we all were of what we experienced.

As a group we all heard a voice continuously come through… it sounded like the spirit was calling out a male name…

And so I asked the group – who is he calling for?? and the security guard said that it was his name that he was calling…

I asked him why they kept calling his name… and he said that it’s because they spend the most time with them so they get familiar with all the security guard names.

I then asked … don’t you get scared?? and he told me that at first he did BUT they are all required to undertake paranormal training because without it there’s high turnover in staff. He told me they were harmless and then he gave me his business card – he did house clearings! How amazing!

We were all completely spooked out.

We walked into a few cells, saw shadows, got the goosebumps and I prayed for protection the entire time. The medium investigator Rayleen Kable kept asking us to talk to them to connect with them but i just wouldn’t allow myself to.

We left the building and we were invited into the next cell block where women & male inmates shared the space – I could not go in there. That’s where I drew the line.

There were lots of people crying because they were scared and couldn’t handle the energy. Rayleen (the medium) was so nurturing and was trying to help calm people as much as she could. I think someone was vomitting aswell, we were all scared – I didn’t actually think I would see, feel & hear as much as I did.

I then decided to explore the small infirmary (hospital building) where sick inmates and children were treated. Paranormal Investigator Allen Tiller was in the room and at one point I started feeling really sick in the stomach and dizzy.

I panicked and told Allen that I was feeling sick and that the ground felt like it was moving and whether it was normal to feel this way… he said that sometimes they interfere with your senses… a few minutes later the sick feeling passed and the ground wasn’t moving. It made sense to feel sick in the hospital room where they treated children and inmates.

I have never experienced that before.

All in all – I would highly recommend the ghost tour at night when it is most active. My biggest fear was to take ‘something’ home with me but then I realised that these spirits didn’t want to leave the Gaol, they wanted to stay.

The investigator Rayleen kept trying to remind me of this – I really appreciated her encouragement… at one point she turned to me and said you have a whole team of protectors and I knew what she meant (how could I forget my spirit tribe) especially in a moment like this.

What did I take away from this experience? other than affirming that I am scared shitless of lost spirits haha and affirming the existence of spirit. These inmates and their stories reminded me how important it is to make peace with your life on earth so that you move on and not remain stuck here, to a memory, place or thing.

Another important takeaway was to trust my own spirit tribe and their protection, to remember that all one has do is ask for protection and one will be protected.

Life is too short to be stuck and living in replay.

So who wants to visit Boggo Road Gaol at night?? 😬

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