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  • Angels And Spirit Guides
    Even when you feel as though you are completely alone, there are divine companions who are always with you. Before your incarnation they chose to accompany you through your lifetime, from the moment of your first breath, until your last. Spirit guides are highly evolved beings that have completed the cycle of birth and deathContinue reading “Angels And Spirit Guides”
    I have a confession to make in relation to this guys… 3 nights ago, I slipped on protecting myself before bed. I was sick with a cough & watching episodes of the Medium (quite gruesome) & just forgot to protect myself. I remembered to protect the kids before they went to bed though 😅 justContinue reading “PROTECT YOUR ENERGY”
  • The Crystal of the Week: Blue Agate 💙
    Every now & then I connect with the crystal fairies for advice on what crystal I need in my life. This week I’ve been guided towards the Blue Agate Crystal… Which is new for me… I’ve heard of the Blue Agate Crystal but it isn’t a crystal I pick for my every day.. I normallyContinue reading “The Crystal of the Week: Blue Agate 💙”
  • Manifestation Rituals
    Happy 2022! How much do you want to manifest this year? I mean in terms of energy… how much do you want it? Are you willing to add practices to your daily life that focus on attracting those goals and desires? I certainly am!! And I am fully invested. Here are some rituals that workContinue reading “Manifestation Rituals”
  • New Moon…New Beginnings
    “Before the moon I am, what a woman is, a woman of power, a woman’s power, deeper than the roots of trees, deeper than the roots of islands, older than the Making, older than the moon.” – Ursula K. Le Guin, ‘Tehanu’ Do you ever look at the moon and wonder how old she is?Continue reading “New Moon…New Beginnings”

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