What to do after a Reiki Workshop

You’ve completed your reiki course and now you’re home and back to the routine. But you are wondering what do I do now?

How can I continue this healing journey, how do I incorporate what I’ve learnt & how do I find time for self healing .. let alone practising on others…


Like working out at a gym and developing a muscle … the more you practice the stronger your channel will be.

Practice begins with healing yourself, fit in 10 mins every day to practise on you! You don’t have to go through all the hand positions , just do the positions that you feel you need the most for the day eg. Heart & Sacral.

The more you practice reiki, the stronger your channel becomes and the more you learn about energy & the more experiences you have with channelling energy.

I start in the mornings in bed channelling reiki to my solar and sacral (because I’m currently pregnant) and at night before bed. You’ll find me on the bus into the city or at meditation/ sound healing circles with my hands on my heart channelling reiki to myself. Any opportunity during the day and I’ll take it.


Practice on family and friends as much as you can. This is a great way to channel reiki and not worry about how you are doing it, just surrendering to reiki and whatever it brings.

You can let friends and family know that you’d like to practice a relaxing technique on them and all they need to do is lay back and receive. You aren’t trying to fix or diagnose them. You are just sharing a new technique and would love to chat after about their experience.

I learnt a cool way to incorporate reiki into your business (if you have one) – before you shake hands with a new client, imagine the power symbol in your hand and give the person reiki as you shake hands or you can send reiki with your eyes (which you learn in Reiki level 2 training) or when you hug someone imagine reiki flowing to them filling them with love, peace, gratitude and comfort.


If you’ve completed Reiki Level 2, volunteer to a charity & send distance reiki to animals or people in need. This is a great way to develop your reiki channelling skills.


A great way to receive and connect with others is to attend reiki swap circles/ reiki shares. Ask your reiki teacher if they hold them or if they can recommend one.

If you’ve studied with me – the next reiki swap in person will be held on Saturday 24 June from 2-4pm. Come and join us!

Published by Saira Ramirez

Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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