How to do a group reiki healing session

A few months ago I co-facilitated a sister circle and offered a group reiki healing as part of the offering.

I had read that a practitioner in New York runs a group reiki healing night and I thought this can’t be hard to do. Sooooo… I turned to all my reiki books, groups and google to find out how to do it.

To my surprise I couldn’t find guidance anywhere.

So I turned to my spirit guide for answers… here is how he suggested I do them (this is designed for reiki level 2 practitioners, 2 x reiki practitioners to do the healing together, I recommend 5-6 minutes per client).

As per a normal session:

Protect your space

Ground yourself and ground the group beforehand (meditation).

Have soft music or meditation playing in the background.

Make sure all clients are lying down, comfortably and safely (remove any candles 🕯 that might be a hazard).

Have an intention in mind for the group eg. To send reiki healing to all members of the group… to balance their chakras and remove anything that doesn’t serve them for their highest good.

Call in your spiritual tribe, then call in the spiritual tribe of each client – in the words of my guide ‘you are all in it together – in a container’

Ask the spiritual tribe of each client to remain in the session til the end and to continue the healing throughout the session for each person.

As per usual use the symbols to send healing to where it is needed.

This is an example of how you may complete a session together:

First practitioner starts at the crown with their hand placements (make sure you ground client at third eye) while second practitioner starts at the throat. Then moving on the first practitioner places hands at heart and second practitioner at solar, first practitioner at sacral, second practitioner at root (make sure you ground client), first at knees and so on…

At the very end of the sessions, thank all spiritual tribes present & disconnect as you normally would before washing your hands.

It is important to keep track of time so that the other clients aren’t lying down for too long. I did 7 clients with 5-6minutes per person and it took a little over an hour. I was receiving messages through out the session, some stronger than others.

Important to add that I didn’t feel it was appropriate to share individual messages in a group as some clients had quite abit of trauma they were dealing with. Because it’s in a group setting, there isn’t time to individually analyse why a client is experiencing imbalances at the current time and what’s behind it (which is typically done in a private session).

I completed this group reiki healing with a new practitioner who had recently completed her reiki studies online so it was a great opportunity to teach her reiki in practice, she also learnt the symbols on the job, it was a great way for her to continue learning. For fellow reiki teachers – this is a great way to teach students.

Another thing to be mindful of is to protect yourself throughout the session, several times if you need to and pay attention, it’s easy to wander off with the fairies haha and not be mindful of the energy in front of you. I felt very drained the day after the second circle – I didn’t protect myself throughout one of the client sessions and picked up an attachment. It didn’t ruin the night or anything but it was a bit of a shock and I paid for it the next time (a relaxing bath and self healing helped).

Not all reiki practitioners are exposed to attachments but that is something I regularly work on with my guides.

It is so beautiful to share reiki with a group, 5-6 minutes is enough time to give each person a short energy clearing & a boost leaving them revitalized and feeling like like they have let go of what was weighing them down.

Group reiki healing sessions are effective for surface level issues that need clearing, for energetic maintenance, an energy tune up & a great way for people new to Reiki to get a taste of it with a small investment. I highly recommend it. For deeper issues or trauma – the best way to work on this is a 60min 1-1 session where the practitioner can focus solely on you.

If you have any questions or a different way of facilitating a group reiki healing session I would love to hear it.

And if you are reading this & would like to book a group reiki session for a girls night or birthday party – get in touch for more info.

Love, light & lots of healing ✌🏼


Published by Saira Ramirez

Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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  1. I have been to several reiki group meetings. I have never been charged. Can you please suggest? A price and somethings that you offer in the meeting? Do you touch on some training?

    1. Hello Melinda, I offer group reiki in women’s circles with another facilitator, so we offer other services as part of the night eg. restorative yoga, Journalling, cacao ceremony, breathwork and sound healing + goodies to take home. The price depends on how much the venue costs, how much it costs for all the materials and our time. I have an event page with more info, generally $66 for a ticket.

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