Closet hippie no more!

Yes I have actually called myself a closet hippie around my corporate colleagues (I couldn’t think of another word at the time) and it was in situations where I’ve revealed my love for:

• crystals (they fell out of my bra haha)

• flower essences (I was caught sneaking some into my water lol)

• aromatherapy (love spraying the chakra blend all over the work space, keep the vibes high lol)

Even though I joke about it I’ve actually been so afraid to ‘come out’ as a spiritual ‘reiki’ person around certain people and groups.

I was afraid of being judged by people who might think ‘woo woo’ is a bad thing or that reiki was a dark ‘witchy’ practice. People who have no understanding or experience of it.

I’ve been in situations where I have been judged by people who believe in god (someone they have never seen in person) but who thought the idea of working with angels and energy was nuts.

Well people, I’m PROUD to tell you that at 33 years of age I’m finally not afraid of speaking about my beliefs and experiences with energy healing anymore, I’ve come out lol I’m wide open about it now.

I’ve seen too much pain and I’m hearing how much the world needs more energy healers right now.

Let’s be clear… as much as I talk about light and love, I’m not perfect like every single human and I don’t claim to be. Being an energy healer isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, we have our stuff too and we have the ability to self heal with reiki woot woot! Understanding your shadow side is just as important as your light side but that’s a whole other conversation.

The thing I love most about being the giver of reiki is that I hold space for YOU to receive what YOU need, I call in the light and work with your spirit guides, ancestors and angels to bring you back to balance. We are never alone regardless of our circumstances, I hope that once you’ve experienced reiki, you too will understand this on a different level – a high frequency one 😉

Some hippie in her element .. that’s me.
So what are you waiting for?

Published by Saira Ramirez

Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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