2019 A year of love

This is my first blog post and I thought I would share my current moment. This year has been full of weddings for me and my close ones, the most recent one was two days ago here in Bali. It’s 2:25pm I’m currently waiting for my driver to pick me up at 6pm, I’m sitting by the hotel pool and I have just picked out my Ángels cards: present, past and future. I asked my Ángels to send me a message about what I need to know and have a look at these cards.

Past: the ocean. Present: Wedding. Future: Assertiveness.

You can not convince me that the angels aren’t trying to send me a message haha. They are showing me that they are here! These cards are 💯 accurate for my life right now and I’m so grateful that I made the decision to travel here. A big part of me thought it would be selfish to leave the kids at home with their dad (and my sister – bless her) and take leave from work with how hectic it has been but I desperately needed a break to recharge the batteries and now I’m ready to go back and be the powerhouse I know that I am. On my way to Bali I saw the number 22 everywhere, it’s been my sign since starting my reiki journey that I’m on the right track. I honestly believe if you ask your Ángels or spirit guides for signs they will show you them!
On another note I am staying at this beautiful hotel in Nusa Dua named the Grand Whiz and I’ve been so fascinated by the squirrels 🐿 because we don’t see them in Brisbane, they are so cute! I’ve been thinking about them and their spiritual significance and I found this.

Source: http://www.shamanicjourney.com/squirrel-power-animal-symbol-of-gathering-playfulness

I needed this reminder, how about you?

I hope my message calls you to connect with your Ángels or at least take that vacay you have been putting off. Make time for fun or some self care, perhaps reiki even? You deserve it 🙂

Squirrel sighting

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Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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