I’m a reiki master, now what?

If you’ve completed your reiki master/ teacher level & you’re wondering what to do next – read on.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately from reiki masters (different lineages) asking how to ‘hone’ their reiki skills … or how to connect to their spirit guide or even how to sense the energy better? How to be psychic…


Unfortunately you can’t fast track any of these things, it all comes down to consistent practice.

Practising reiki on others, practising & connecting to your reiki master symbols every day, meditating consistently to connect to your spirit guide (not once or twice) as many times as you need to which can take YEARS.

When I completed my reiki master teacher training in 2014 (9 years ago) I definitely did not know my spirit guides name. I was receiving their guidance but I was desperate to know who they were. It took me years to finally connect & get a name, through meditation I kept connecting to the same guide/kept hearing the same name so I knew that I had to trust it. And I developed a relationship with them by trusting the guidance I was receiving.

I practiced reiki on everyone, family, friends, pets & each session was different, reiki was always teaching me. I recognised that my job was to listen & trust what I was guided to do & the messages I was receiving to share.

Practising reiki wasn’t enough for me, I felt like I needed to learn more about reiki so I studied via different reiki teachers/lineages and types of reiki: Kundalini reiki, Karuna reiki, Lemurian reiki – just to name a few. Out of all these reiki types and variations, I only found 1 other lineage that provided the information I was seeking .. that I felt was missing and now I add this missing part to my own training.


It’s so important to find the information you are looking for, don’t expect your reiki master to do the work for you… now that You are a reiki master you need to OWN your spiritual development by pursuing your own research & studies. Set time aside to practice reiki, meditate (connect to your higher self) and connect to your guides (if that is what you wish to do). You have all the answers you need.

Dr Usui taught his students what he called CHIRYO-HO … he encouraged all his students to rely upon their inner guidance to intuitively heal every client using whatever form of guidance came naturally to each of them. This is super important and not something that was passed down in my lineage, I had to study this on my own…if this is new for you definitely look into it.


Another thing to do after completing your reiki master training is to re-acquaint yourself with the 5 reiki principles, there is deeper meaning behind these & how do you apply them to your life?

One of the 5 reiki principles is …

Just for today, work hard…

This principle is not referring to doing your job well.

Its about devoting yourself to the great work – your divine purpose / blueprint. We all have a purpose in this lifetime.

This is about working hard on your spiritual work, spiritual development, meditation, becoming aware of yourself.

Your goal in this life is to uncover what you are here for.


A lot of people ask me… how do you know it’s intuition and not your own mind chatter?

Well… meditation will help you clear the mind chatter so you are open to receive clear intuitive information…

Meditate before you give a reiki session, allow preparation time.

Intuitive information flows easily, it isn’t forced, it’s not egotistic & does not have a negative story attached to it. It just flows.

Meditate before you give a reiki session so that you are in a mindful & balanced state, then TRUST the feelings, visions, thoughts,senses that work through you, providing that intuitive information.

If you don’t trust the intuitive information you are receiving and/or your logical mind tries to make sense of it or rejects it then you break the connection. You would need to focus on healing your own blocks around this.

And lastly, SELF HEAL regularly or book your own reiki session. I love booking in with reiki practitioners from different lineages, it’s lovely to experience new styles and make new friends 💛 it’s also really nice to have others you can refer people to when you aren’t available and leave them feedback on their business page to help them grow.

What would you add to this list of what to do after your reiki master training?


Published by Saira Ramirez

Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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