A divorce, a haunting & a healing – Part 2

Here’s a quick recap of my last blog post – my house was haunted but I was ignoring the signs 👻 I booked in for reiki level 1 training (which was a huge step forward) and also booked in for my first reiki session. 😱

First EVER Reiki Session

So on the day of my first reiki session I was out having breakfast with the girls and also thinking of excuses to cancel (I KNOW.. how Slack!) but guys….I was so scared! With the encouragement of my reiki master friend/colleague I showed up anyway and walked into what felt like an angelic room, her home and healing room was white, bright and the music was relaxing & beautiful.

I felt instantly safe and calm.

I then laid on the massage table & tried not to think of anything but had ALL the thoughts 😂😅 during this time I felt paralysed – I literally couldn’t move.

There was energy flowing from my head to feet like a fan. I had my eyes closed and could see colours – mostly purple and white fluttering (like angel wings). I could feel twitches in different parts of my body – it was an out of this world experience.

When the session was complete, I was wondering how I would get up because my body felt so relaxed but after a few minutes I could move my body again and was able to sit up. I felt light and so refreshed, on an energy high and I remember thinking – what the heck was that?! haha it was SO out of this world. I was advised that the healing would continue on the hour for the next 24hrs and to drink lots of water. There were blockages in my heart and sacral chakras and I also had an attachment near my sacral chakra area – sacral chakra issues are related to female reproductive organs, feelings of guilt, lost, overly concerned about what others think.

I’m going to be really honest here.

(I had actually been having nightmares about a past abortion. I would dream about being at work and just crying uncontrollably about the situation. The memory was really affecting me but I was too ashamed to speak to anyone about it. I was so good at putting on that strong independent mama fascade.)

Anyway my reiki friend told me that the attachment had been removed and to drink lots of water for the next few days as the healing continued.

I left the healing room/house with so many questions about energy, the galaxies, the archangels, my life purpose. Turning up was the best decision I had made! I actually felt like something inside me had shifted that day.

Reiki Level 1 Training – 2 June 2013

Actual photo taken at Enlightened Spirit, Wynnum

Soon after my reiki session I attended Reiki 1 training with the lovely Katie from Enlightened Spirit. The workshop was held at her home with a few others. I was very curious about how the attunement would be, I imagined it to be dramatic but to my surprise it was very peaceful.

I started practicing reiki on myself for 21 days after the training plus on friends and family.

The changes in my life started taking place very subtly after this, it started with my increase in confidence and opportunities that were popping up at work for me to grow. I should add that I also started taking flower essences to assist with my healing – each month I would use a different type eg. Abundance, Confidence, Creativity, Motherhood. I swear these flower essences are VERY powerful!

Other changes that were happening were in terms of my financial situation – I was receiving money by surprise in different forms. It was strange and fantastic!

The Haunting

On the home front my son kept experiencing weird things in the house. One morning he ran into my room/bed in a panic, straight into my arms & was asking for me to remove the thing that was grabbing his feet. I couldn’t see anything so I asked for it to leave and then called in protection (Archangel Michael). Thankfully whatever it was left. I shared the story with a girlfriend who lived a few streets away and who had a daughter of a similar age & she said that her daughter had woken up in the exact same way a week earlier.

Another time, he saw a black shadow dog in my room and was afraid of it – again I couldn’t see it but I now believed him.

I was constantly experiencing sleep paralysis, I would be asleep and I swear I would see a small child walk in my room and think it was my son – next minute I would be in full sleep paralysis. Other times I would see tall shadows before experiencing the sleep paralysis. It was horrible and constant. A close friend suggested that I sleep on my front and that it wouldn’t happen as often if I did that. It seemed to work.

Heart Opening

It was this year (2013) that I also finally entered a relationship after being a single mama for so long. It was a soul mate level connection too (past life). And although it only lasted 6 months – in that time – I felt my heart open wide & also pain when we mutually ended the relationship. Upon reflection I was so happy to actually FEEL my heart again and to know that I could love again – that gave me hope.


My scary neighbour who lived upstairs (remember the creepy one) well it turned out she was actually a nice person! We ran into each other a few times and I started a chat. She told me she was on and off meds for depression. I would often hear her and her partner yelling and fighting, sometimes I felt like calling the cops it sounded so bad. I always wondered if they were experiencing any of the spooky stuff too.

Anywho what an eventful year 2013 was! Except I haven’t finished talking about that year – some other major things happened like… me registering for reiki level 2 training – which increases your intuition BIG time! 💥 And also the final haunting moment that changed everything – keep an eye out for my next post!

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Saira Ramirez is a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (Level 3A & 3B), Women's Circle Facilitator, Sacred Cacao Ceremonalist and a Mum of two. Saira started her reiki journey in 2012 & her passion in this lifetime is to assist others on their journey of healing, self discovery & spiritual development.

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